Majestic Mart Women’s Ponytail Headband Black Suitable for Running, Riding, Cycling, Walking, Excercise, Make Up or General Use


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The Majestic Mart Women’s Ponytail Headband is made of premium quality material designed to provide a comfortable and cosy fit. It keeps hair in place and is also very stylish ★ Majestic Mart headbands are suitable for everyday use and can also be used for sporting activities ★ Keep your hair in place while benefiting from the warmth and softness of a top quality fleece headband ★ This quality headband helps wick moisture from your skin to keep you comfortable while you perform any activity ★ It is also made from premium quality material and provides just enough stretch for a fit that conforms to a variety of head sizes

  • ★ MAJESTIC MART SPORTS HEADBAND ★ Headband for Running, Riding, Cycling, Walking, Excercise, Make Up or General Use.
  • ★ COMFORTABLE AND COSY ★ This Majestic Mart headband is made up of a soft, comfortable and smart premium fabric that remains hot in winter and cool in summer – thus keeping you comfortable anytime you use it. The headband grip is also carefully designed to give you a cosy feeling rather than a head crushing firm grip that wouldn’t let you wear it the second time.
  • ★ MULTIPURPOSE ★ The Majestic Mart headband can also be used to protect your hairs from dust while you are traveling, for preventing your ears from the chilly wind in a cold weather or can be used while you are doing your make up.
  • ★ PERFECT FOR SPORTS OR STYLE ★ The Majestic Mart headband holds your hair in place and has high capacity to absorb the sweat thus making it quite an excellent accessory for sports activities like running, jogging, exercising or Yoga. Moreover, it is an excellent fashion accessory.
  • ★ FITS UNDER HELMETS ★ The Majestic Mart Ponytail Headband fits comfortably under a helmet, making it a go-to accessory for chilly bike rides, horseback riding, or skiing.