Vigilant PPS-23BLK 130dB Electronic Rape Attack Personal Alarm With Backup Whistle plus Key Ring and Purse Clip (Black)


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The PPS23BLK is a special edition black version of our popular PPS23 series. For this special limited edition unit, in addition to the color, we’ve replaced the standard neck lanyard with a keyring and a bag clip. We believe this unit is the ULTIMATE personal alarm for purses, backpacks, and car keys.

The PPS23BLK is a dual function emergency attack alarm. It features a 130 dB alarm, which is the loudest personal alarm sold by Vigilant. It is also the only alarm sold by Vigilant to include a backup feature – it has a security screamer whistle built into the end of the alarm that serves as an emergency backup alert mechanism in the event of battery failure.

The alarm is activated by depressing the button on the front of the alarm, but a different button on the back of the unit is the only way to deactivate and silence the alarm. In situations where seconds make a difference between life and death – the ease of activation combined with the “hidden” off button make this alarm