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Do you almost have a traffic accident because of the bright light?Do you know that 8% of the traffic accidents are reduced by the polarizing glasses every year?
Do you miss some beautiful scenery because of the bright light?Do your eyes feel uncomfortable in the sun?
LZXC polarized sunglasses can help you!Our mission is to provide high quality and all round protection sunglasses.

Invisible Injury
Bright light hurts our eyes.
Bright light will irritate the eyes.Working in bright light,it will cause eye pain and tearing,exacerbate eye fatigue and cause vision loss.
Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light,Especially UVA(320~420nm),which is penetrating,can cause macular degeneration,decreased visual acuity, even cause permanent vision loss.
Ultraviolet rays affects the transparency of the crystalline lens,which eventually cause Cataracts.The effect of UV on the crystalline lens is cumulative! Studies have shown that more than an hour a day sun drying, the risk of cataracts will increase by 10%!

About LZXC
A.LZXC has been committed to research and develop newer, more advanced materials and technology.
B.LZXC ensure all product passed strict quality control test before shipped to every buyer.
C.LZXC provide friendly service(Please check the feedback) and we are humble to learn,if you have any complaint or advice,please feel free to contact me.
LZXC provide 100% UV400 Polarized sunglasses for different type of faces,ideal for driving,skiing,fishing,motorcycling,sport,hunting,golf.
For the health and safety of you and your loved ones,buy Now!
Working Time:Monday-Saturday,9:00 CST-18:00 CST(1:00 BST-10:00 BST,UK)
E-Mail Respond Time:Less than 12 hours,solve any problem quickly without hesitation and mess.

  • Military Grade Material–Enhanced Brighter TAC HD Polarized Lens,they are more durable and flexible and have better impact resistance and scratch resistant performance and anti-glare performance,which certified to CE standards
  • 100% UV Protection–Block 100% harmful UVA & UVB &UVC Rays,protect your eyes from macular degeneration and Cataracts.Reduce glare reflection of road,snow,lake,prevent snow-blind and reduce eye strain,enhance you and your loved one’s safety when driving .
  • Great Clarity of Vision–Third generation Revo vacuum coating technology.The Anti reflection Coating can reduce the reflected light on the lens surface,enhance aesthetic feeling when taking photo and let light transmittance increased to 99%!The Anti fouling coating can protect Optical properties of reflection Coating from oil and water.Scratch-proof hard coating can protect the other coating and the lens from abrasion.